An Overview Of Sunderland Football


The Sunderland football team is one of the most highly regarded in England. The team plays within the Premier League and has thus engaged in combat with the toughest competition the country has to offer. Over the past several years, the club has been part of a number of historic matches. The club won the FA Cup two times, once in 1937 and once in 1973.

The team has traditionally used red, white, and blue as its colors. The badge has commonly featured vertical red and white stripes. Between 1977 and 1997, the badge featured the iconic Sutherland ship as its logo. The crest today also contains two lions and a Latin motto that indicates the storied history of the team.

The home games are strongly attended, and the club has traditionally ranked in the top ten in attendance. The Legion of Light, meanwhile, is a monthly magazine that allows fans to remain in the loop. The magazine often contains interesting statistics and profiles of current players.

The main rival of the team has traditionally been Newcastle United. The rivalry extends back to the 1800s, and the matches themselves are typically hard fought. There are also a number of associations with African clubs. These affiliations have been built up into friendly competitions over the last few years.

The home games are played at the Stadium of Light. A wonderfully beautiful monument, termed the Davy Lamp monument, is visible outside. Die-hard fans often arrive at the stadium early to enjoy themselves with family members and friends before the main match begins.

In the end, the football team has a history that extends back over a hundred years. With strong showings in recent years, the club is poised to do great things going forward. With luck, the Stadium of Light will see another championship in the near future.